So, I am an avid fan of The Biggest Loser and I like their theme about no more excuses.  I think its so important to really think about “no more excuses”.  Be truly and fully honest with yourself.  Is it because something is holding you back or are YOU holding you back?  And if its you, why?  What things do you tell yourself?  I don’t have time?  I can’t eat healthy?  Its easier for someone else to do it?  I have no self control?  What can YOU do to change that?

I think this is so important  in ALL aspects of life.  Rather than place blame or looking to other people for their opinions and advice, ask yourself what do YOU want?  Do you want to be thin because you think you are supposed to want to be thin?  Or do you actually want to be thin?  If its the first, well that’s not good enough.  I mean, its fine to not care if you are thin.  There are plenty of happy and healthy people that aren’t thin (and the opposite, plenty of skinny people that are not healthy or happy)  but maybe you have determined (but won’t admit to yourself) that the cost/benefit ratio between eating whatever and whenever is stronger to you than being thin.  That is ok.  The most important thing you can do though is be honest about that and embrace it.  If however, you REALLY do want to lose weight, you have to stop making excuses.

This is a good time for me to introduce myself.  I’m a 34 year old mom of 4.  My kids’ ages range from 2-8.5.    I will NOT let you use having a family as an excuse for not taking care of yourself.  Here are some examples of things I’ve heard:

“I have too much junk in my house that I can’t contain the cravings.”  Guess what?  I can’t contain cravings either.  Its true.  Not proud of it, but if I have junk in my house I will likely consume it.  But who says you have to have junk in your house simply because you have kids?  Get rid of it.  This doesn’t mean you can’t have some junk food now and again, it just means you may have to make a special trip for it.

“I can’t afford a gym membership”  Guess what, I don’t go to a gym either.  There are so many great ways to get fit without a gym.  Experiment with them!  Some can get pricey, but you can pick and choose what works in your budget.  Jumping rope, exercise videos, runs or walks outside, bike rides, strength training with dumbbells (or even with cans of soups or water bottles if you are really hurting for cash), playing soccer or tag with your kids and more.

“I don’t have time”  This can be a tough one, but it need not be that much of an obstacle.  There are many intense workouts that can be done in 20-30 minutes.  Be honest… you DO have 20-30 minutes a day.  But what about showering, etc?…  Grab a shower cap, rinse off quick and you’ll be clean and it’ll take you less than 5 minutes.  You do NOT need to wash your hair every time you work out.  Trust me, your hair will actually look fantastic if you don’t.  I work out while my kids nap, sometimes I take them with me and sometimes I go in the morning before my husband leaves for work or in the evenings when he gets home.  My husband often works out on his lunch break.

You ARE worth it.  Commit to taking care of YOU 30 minutes, 3-6 days a week for a month and let me know how you feel. Exercise can naturally help depression, can make you feel more energized, improve your sleep, improve self esteem and of course lose weight and get stronger.  If you find it hard to make the commitment, tell yourself you can only watch your favorite show while doing something active (or after doing something active).  Surround yourself with motivating messages and people.  Tell people what you are doing.  Be a motivator to someone else and let them cheer you on as well.  Check back here for some other ideas and suggestions (and leave comments and questions).